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Japanese roof tiles and Western roof tiles. Highly functional Sanshu-Kawara.

The customers are always right.
We do much more better work than the customers' expectations.
We provide safety to the customers.
The employees of Marusugi Co., Ltd. value discipline and be aware of responsibility as good citizens. We commit ourselves to the happiness of ourselves, development and prosperity of the company.

Marusugi Co., Ltd. is *Sanshu clay roof tile manufacturer and distributor, having two factories in Aichi Prefecture and five sales offices in the entire Japan. Since 1913, we have been a leading company in the traditional local industry. Our motto is "Better, Faster and Less Expensive", and we have been meeting the demand of our customers by using the latest technology for our products.

*They are baked at 1150 Celcius/2100 Fahrenheit. Sanshu region has been known for its roof tiles, they were even transported to distant areas by ships in Edo era.
NameMarusugi Co., Ltd.
Founded in1913
Established inApril,1958
(The company name has been changed on June, 1973.)
Capital91,680,000 yen
Head office and Takahama factory 4-2-30, Ronchi-cho, Takahama City, 444-1314 Aichi
TEL : +81-566-52-0214 (Export section)
FAX : +81-566-54-5404
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Hekinan factory 2-30, Hamao-cho, Hekinan City, 447-0055 Aichi
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Sendai office 48, Akai aza dera, Higashi-matsushima City, 981-0501 Miyagi
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Fukushima office 59-2, Kubota Dousaku, Nakoso-machi, Iwaki City, 979-0141 Fukushima
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Northern Kanto office 981-7, Uenohara, Mukaino aza Ooaza, Oyama City, 323-0805 Tochigi
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Hokuriku office 1555, Nojiri, Nanto City, 939-1502, Toyama
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Kyushu office 1-3-50, Mitoma, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
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Number of employees120 (as a whole Marusugi group)
ProductsJ-Type roof tile, Ibushi (smoked) roof tile, Single roman roof tile, Flat roof tile


Marusugi Co.,Ltd. Highly disaster resistant against earthquakes and strong winds, and with good workability.  

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Marusugi Co.,Ltd.    4-2-30, Ronchi-cho, Takahama City, 444-1314 Aichi   TEL:+81-566-52-0214 (Export section)   FAX:+81-566-54-5404