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Clay roof tiles are made of natural clay. Ingredients and quality of clay are slightly different depending on where we obtain clay. Even we obtain clay from the same places, clay is not completely same.
You may note these phenomenon's on clay roof tiles, but they do not affect the quality (leak prevention, strength) of the tiles.

Color Variation

Each tile might be slightly different in color because of ingredients of clay, weather condition such as atmospheric pressure when they are being fired in the kilns.
As they are ceramic products, forms of roof tiles might be slightly distorted or different in sizes. Also, there might be gaps between tiles as we overlap tiles when we install them.
Crack on the Surface
There might be cracks on the surfaces of clay roof tiles, caused by the difference of contraction rate of clay and glaze of the tiles when they are baked. However, the cracks are only on the glazed surfaces and the cracks do not affect the quality of the tiles.
Pin Hole
On the glazed surface of tiles, there might be small hollows called Pin Hole, or small, unglazed parts. These are caused by burning of bubbles in the glaze or organic substances in clay, but there are no problems with the quality of the tiles.
Discoloring and Algae
After installations, tiles may discolor because of the sunlight or dust, or there will be algae on the surfaces (depending on the locations of the houses), but they do not affect the quality or endurance of the tiles.


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