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Japanese roof tiles and Western roof tiles. Highly functional Sanshu-Kawara.

Fusion of European tradition and Japanese technology - New version of M-Type tile.
Eagle Maxim roof tiles have become lighter by 10% than our former products while maintaining the high disaster resistance. Excellent design, strength, good workability and draining water efficiently.

Straight Black

Light Brown

Silver Black

Rusty Green

Sicilian Red <2>

Chocolat <2>

* Burning Red

* Clear Matte <1>

* Peach

* Sand
 *Heat Resistant Color - these colored tiles reflect more than 50% of the infrared rays from sunlight to reduce heat.
<1>There is a wood pattern on these colored tiles (this is from the glaze we use on them).
<2>We spray on these colored tiles during production, creating a random pattern on the surface. This is not a product defect.


(1) Disaster Resistance
The locks on the upper-right corner and the bottom-left corner lock together to keep the roof tiles secure.
(2) Water Channels
The water channels on the sides of the tiles prevent rainwater infiltration when there is a strong storm.

Length 347mm
Width 313mm
Exposed Length 300mm(298-303mm)
Exposed Width 272mm(268-276mm)
Weight 2.9kg/piece (35.1kg/m2)
Pieces per 1 m2 12 pieces

Roof pitch and roof length
Roof Pitch 2.5/10 3.0/10 3.5/10 4.0/10
Roof Length 4m 5m 6m 7m
Roof Pitch 4.5/10 5.0/10 5.5/10       
Roof Length 8m 10m 13m       



Marusugi Co.,Ltd. Highly disaster resistant against earthquakes and strong winds, and with good workability.  

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