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Japanese roof tiles and Western roof tiles. Highly functional Sanshu-Kawara.

These disaster resistant roof tiles protect your house from natural disasters.
We have made Eagle Exa roof tiles highly disaster resistant by putting headlocks to lock upper tiles and lower tiles securely.
Since the headlocks are also made of clay, they do not form or bent and work very efficiently.

Silver Black

Straight Black

Matte Brown


Rusty Green

* Clear Matte <1>
 *Heat Resistant Color - these colored tiles reflect more than 50% of the infrared rays from sunlight to reduce heat.
<1>There is a wood pattern on these colored tiles (this is from the glaze we use on them).

V-shaped Ridge

Triangular Ridge

Side Gable

Both Side Gable

Wide Side Gable

(1) Disaster Resistant
The patented improved locking function offers enhanced disaster resistant against to the strong wind.
(2) Low Pitched Roof
Unique R shaped surface controls the flow of rainwater and this leads the industry's first class waterproof performance with 2.5/10 pitched roof.
(3) High Performance
Exa provides 35 mm adjustable length in exposed length and can install easily without cutting the roof tiles. Improving workability and reducing wasted materials on site.

Length 352mm
Width 341mm
Exposed Length 280mm(275-285mm)
Exposed Width 303mm
Weight 3.5kg/piece (41.3kg/m2)
Pieces per 1 m2 12 pieces

Roof pitch and roof length
Roof Pitch 2.5/10 3.0/10 3.5/10 4.0/10
Roof Length 6m 8m 10m 12m
Roof Pitch 4.5/10 5.0/10 6.0/10       
Roof Length 15m 18m 24m       


Marusugi Co.,Ltd. Highly disaster resistant against earthquakes and strong winds, and with good workability.  

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